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At Helium Consulting Our Biggest Investment is in Our People
Believing in 100% Promotion From Within





Helium Consulting is still a tight-knit group. Every week brings new challenges, and every week we work together to meet them. (We also have plenty of fun together: happy hours, trips, workshops, movies, hikes, lunches, and a lot of laughing.)

  • It is our fundamental belief that before you can effectively train associates, or even later manage an entire team of professionals, you must first excel at communicating with others.
  • Where we all got our start! We attract large clients due to our management team being so solution oriented and confident.
  • Internships are available year round. An intern has the opportunity to get all the same hands on experience in sales, training, and recruiting as any other employee at Helium Consulting.
  • The ideal candidate chooses to have a great attitude and is oddly prideful when discussing their work ethic.
  • Behind every great company is a great administrator. This position involves being the face of the company. Our administrative team boasts a high-energy temperament, and genuine enjoyment interacting with people.

They also handle all the essentials that make an office run effectively including data entry, organizing, background checks, answering calls, and overall task management.
  • We greatly value a recruiter that loves the hunt. There is a vast difference between managing an already established company and building one.

We are excited about what we have accomplished, but there is much more to be done!

Open Positions


Sales Entry Level


We feel that the only way a person can learn to successfully operate a company
 for that person to build a strong foundation by experiencing sales functions at the entry level.

  • Entry Level
  • Entry Level

  • Account Executive

  • Senior Corporate Trainer

  • Assistant Manager

  • Manager

  • Consultant

  • Beyond!

Do you see yourself rising with a company like Helium?